What is fund recovery?

Fund recovery is the name given to entities and professionals who deal with lost and stolen funds. They recover funds lost and stolen from legitimate third parties. These entities generally do not work with victims directly. They charge a fee and handle all claims. Funds recovered by them are applied directly to the amount of losses. Fund recovery entities also have been dealing with perpetrators of fraud and other criminal activities for a long time. The practitioners of this kind of recovery have some sort of speciality. For instance, securities recovery agents deal with investment fraud. Criminals may have acquired stolen funds and not reported the loss. The following section lists some examples of services provided by these individuals.

What does a fund recovery company do?

A fund recovery company specializes in putting their heart and soul into working with law enforcement agencies and other relevant parties to recover stolen funds from perpetrators and bring them to the rightful owners. By locating the rightful owner of your stolen funds, a fund recovery company assists them in obtaining a protection order to ensure that they are protected from further harm.

Theft of funds

Theft of funds can be caused by individuals (sometimes known as “money mules”), third party suppliers and even retailers who may become the source of the stolen funds. A fund recovery company will specialize in not only assisting with recovering stolen funds, but also acting as the provider of the victims for financial aid.

How much do fund recovery companies charge?

While getting your stolen funds back through fund recovery is possible, the process can be lengthy and expensive. And the cost depends on the type of fraud that has been committed and the services you require. Generally, fund recovery charges a maximum of 0.25 percent of the funds stolen. But some recovery companies can charge as much as 1 percent. In other words, if your fund has been stolen and the thieves haven’t gotten to your bank yet, you can expect to pay a fee.

What are the considerations I need to consider before hiring a fund recovery company?

Before hiring a fund recovery company, you need to decide what services you require.

The Fund Recovery Process

The victims of the scams that have once again surfaced today are left to suffer in pain and despair. The truth is that the fund recovery process is not a simple process and requires a lot of effort, time and patience. The process of recovery includes an extensive analysis of all the available information and filing a police report to get the amount of funds lost back as well as the right to sue the perpetrator who has victimized you. After receiving the police report, fund recovery companies review the case to see whether they can help recover the stolen funds in a fair and legal manner. A lot of dedication and hard work goes into the fund recovery process.


Notwithstanding the multiple considerations in the field of asset protection, one fact remains unchanged: online criminals are living in an online world, which is full of tips and tricks to launder money for themselves. Any online criminal can get a hold of your private information and personal details, which are easily available in the cyber world, thus they easily manage to lure innocent people into their traps.

Thus, it’s vital to take a few precautions on your online accounts, and use different passwords for your different accounts. Learn to be careful and vigilant, and do your best to always be safe online.