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Red Flags in Romance Scams



(A) Always be aware of the Internet and the dangers it poses to you. Internet Addiction is not a disorder and is not something that can be treated. Instead, you should use it as a tool to get and stay connected with people, and as a tool to maintain your good health. Connections and support can bring you much happiness, even if it’s not real love.

(B) Be wary of ads that are offering work opportunities, like eBay, or work as an interpreter or an interpreter trainer. Be wary of ads that claim to send you to a job that pays very little money. A quick web search will tell you whether these ads are legitimate or not.

(C) Watch out for your mobile phone bill. If you have noticed an unusually high amount of calls from international numbers, it may mean you are being scammed.

Red flags

The scammer forces you to take money to help resolve a real problem.

You are asked to provide money or personal information to help resolve a real problem

The scammer makes a huge effort to appear genuine and trustworthy.

They sound like someone you would be able to trust or possibly work with.

You feel a sense of urgency to pay money because of something out of the ordinary.

You feel that your safety is threatened by some circumstance.

The scammer changes all of the details of your life to suit their needs.

The scammer urges you to try to convince someone else to act quickly.

Your ex-partner suddenly contacts you claiming they want to reconcile.

You experience a sudden interest in someone new.

You have a sense of deja vu after the relationship ended.


Know who you are meeting up with in person. Verify your “date” by contacting the website or e-mail after the match is made.

There are many dating websites that offer convenience and a simple way to meet new people. Avoid those websites that offer cheap memberships and free dating services. Make sure you find a reputable dating website.

Consider sharing photos online before meeting up with someone to confirm identity. This is especially important for people who go to bars or clubs. Remember that even a seemingly perfect stranger can have a sinister motive for having a picture of you.

If you are a woman, start creating a profile on sites like, OKCupid, or Tinder, even if you are unsure of your match.


In this guide, we reviewed all the typical red flags associated with internet dating scams and included the most commonly occurring scams on Internet dating sites. If you’re someone who is getting ripped off, you can learn about the specific tricks people use to scam unsuspecting victims. You can also do some research on the Internet and learn more about the online dating industry.