What is Romance Scam

A romantic scam is a scam where a person pretends to be in love with you and sends fake photos or messages as part of a sophisticated and elaborate scam that eventually destroys relationships and people’s lives. The scammer may entice you with flattery or request money to “save” you. Love and money often become confused for each other. While it is true that love has the power to be selfless and give us hope of happiness, the reality is that we often become attached to the needs and demands of another person.

If you feel that you or someone you know has been the victim of a romance scam, the best way to regain trust is to document everything.

What are the consequences of Romance Scam

Many victims are eventually defrauded by the scammers. The victims end up losing their identity, their hard-earned money, or their dignity. Almost 80% of victims of romance scams are women. For the 7% of women who fall into the scammer’s trap, the consequences can be devastating.

The Heartbroken Lovers are Turning to Romance Scams

It seems the cost of love has been escalated.

Why is the price of love high these days? The rise of the romance scam has resulted in many victims losing their identity, money, and some of their dignity.

30% of all scams in the U.S. target romance scams. In 2015, romance scams were a $220 million crime. This figure is expected to rise in 2016 to around $288 million. It is not difficult to understand why people are being targeted.

How to avoid Romance Scam

Learn as much as you can about online dating sites and scammers. When you’re searching for love online, do your research first. Check out a lot of sites to make sure you’re on the right site. Try to use one of the leading dating services such as Match or OK Cupid. Look for a profile that is filled out and looks genuine. The more genuine a person looks, the less likely they are to scam you. Be sure to have faith in the person because you’re placing your heart and trust in them.

Online dating scam case

The number of romance scams has risen to such a large extent that one of the scammers behind a very expensive romance scam case will be extradited from Australia to the US. United States attorney Thomas T.


People nowadays try to catch romantic scammers on social media, but they don’t always succeed. If you find yourself in a relationship with someone you have met online, take these steps to avoid this scam and keep the romance alive for the next year:

Keep your guard up

When you meet someone from the online world, there are many factors that indicate you are dealing with a scammer. Even if someone seems interested in a relationship with you, you should be careful. If the person makes any assumptions about your relationships, you should take those into consideration before you share your personal information.

Check the story to see if he or she is in a relationship

When you first talk to a person you meet online, ask about their relationship status, family, work, hobbies, etc.