Red Flags of Romance Scams

Do Not Ignore These Signs

The guy who sends a text asking you to hang out: Red flag #1. This may sound innocent. However, some scammers like to email you via text after you have responded to their initial text. When you receive this message, it’s probably from a scammer.

You’re requested to purchase a gift, gift card, prepaid card, or send money online.

You are repeatedly contacted online and over the phone, and you are asked to give money to someone you haven’t seen in real life.

Your first introduction to someone online is usually via a Craigslist or similar site.

The guy or girl asks you for money, and they say they’ll send money back to you later when you meet.

Red flag #2. The guy or girl is begging you to meet, and they can’t say when it will be.

How to Avoid a Romance Scam

Avoid falling for Internet dating scams. Instead, join an active local meetup group, or find a nearby dating site to try for yourself. It’s hard to tell the difference between a real person and a fake account. Just a few minutes with Google and your brain will quickly tell if you’re dealing with a scammer. Instead, sign up with a dating site that asks for your real photo, shares your location, and looks professional. To further help you avoid dating scams, learn the above six lessons to make sure you’re dealing with a genuine person and avoid falling for a romance scam.

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Confidentiality is a top priority.

Why These Scams are Happening

The largest part of Internet users have decided to use Internet dating websites like, Tinder, or OKCupid for finding love. With an app installed on your mobile phone, Internet users feel confident in their ability to find love and dating through this relatively new means of communication. However, these dating sites are often geared towards older people who are interested in finding someone similar to them, or in cases when a person is disabled, is in a relationship, or is gay, there are dating sites that are specially geared towards these needs.

When internet users become more interested in relationships, they look for people around their own age. This is how many scams begin.

Tips for Staying Safe

Are you a victim of a romance scam? Please find more information at the following link:

quick safety tips for romantics

The ever-popular ghost-hunting show Paranormal State has found a way to blend the paranormal with love in the most interesting way. The promo video features paranormal investigators investigating a wedding taking place at an apartment building in Brooklyn. With the help of a spirit guide, the team investigates the supposedly haunted love nest and finds nothing. After the paranormal guys leave, the wife gets a message from the man she’s secretly married in a Las Vegas wedding chapel. Unfortunately, it turns out that the guy is a scammer. He contacted her from an unrecognized number on Facebook and convinced her that he’s missing.


Let us say, you came across a person you like on one of the online dating sites and want to learn more about this person. After having conversations with this person for a few days, you plan to meet them in person. To avoid becoming a victim of the romance scam, take the following precautions:

Always be cautious when meeting in person with someone you are interested in. These dates should be fun, but you should never lose your money.

If someone tries to interfere with your business, such as claiming to be a parent or colleague, and claims they want to discuss a matter with you, believe them. It might be a scam.

Be suspicious of someone you meet on the Internet. He/she might be a scammer and you should avoid meeting them in person.